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mind2000 Understanding: The Amazing Brain, in HD quality – Our brains evolved in consciousness as they evolved in size over millions of years. The brain’s intricate organization is revealed through real-life stories of a teenager with an off-the-charts IQ and a child with half his brain removed to control seizures. Innovative medical tools, including 3-D imaging, track the brain in action. See how scientists are using sophisticated technology to unlock the brain’s secrets—and finding amazing evidence about the neural connections that shape our personalities and make thinking possible.

Understanding; The Amazing Brain, a HD quality documentary takes you inside this astonishingly complex organ and shows you how it works, from the gross level of its organization to the molecular level of how cells in the brain communicate. With its combination of neurology, biology, and psychology, this documentary will help you broaden your insights about how we perceive the world through our senses, how we move, how we learn and remember, and how emotions affect our thoughts and actions. It won’t be enough though…

All the credits go to the authors of course (not sure if it’s Discovery Channel or PBS), and the YouTube user Zuke696 who has taken the valuable effort to provide us with lots of documentaries! Here you have the video’s separately, but you can also click here for the playlist so the video’s are played automatically!

1of5 — Understanding – The Amazing Brain

2of5 — Understanding – The Amazing Brain

3of5 — Understanding – The Amazing Brain

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5of5 — Understanding – The Amazing Brain


  1. I really enjoyed watching this video in undrerstanding ourselves. it has been very much informative with the experiences of all the people presented. As to me since i am studying signal processing it has captivated me a lot and made me almost to decide to study computer brain interaction for the future.

    • thx for the comment biruk! it is always nice to hear that people can find inspiration in the slightest of details… glad I could be of any help!
      Actually, you’re not the only one who got inspired by this documentary. This video was referred to in the book ‘My Stroke of Insight’ by Jill Bolte Taylor, a Harvard neuroscientist who had a stroke and eventually overcame her condition! There is a, by now famous, video talk by her on Ted.com (the link) where she explains what happened to her and how her struggle actually helped her to gain greater insight into the human brain. It is very facinating and quite inspiring and I would certainly recommend it!! To anyone actually.
      In fact, a friend of mine, who also had a stroke some time ago, got inspired by it and actually asked me to find this documentary she was referring to in the book! So that is what I did and that’s how you eventually were able to find it…
      Funny isn’t it, how things sometimes come to be…

  2. hey!
    i cant believe when i SO wanted to watch it, i found that the video has been removed!!!
    please, if anyone can provide me with any other link to those videos, i REALLY need them.
    thanks a million :)

  3. agree wiggy, as it is one of the most popular posts on this site. I haven’t found any other sources yet. to be continued…


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