“Federal Reserve ‘Will Be Gone’ In 25 Years!”

He said it over and over again, yet he’s now even more eloquent. Taleb states that: “Federal Reserve ‘Will Be Gone’ In 25 Years, Top Financial Mind Predicts, Despite Geithner’s Vote Of Confidence” The impact and importance of the underestimated book The Black Swan still doesn’t seize to amaze me…

Taleb strikes again; don’t listen to Krugman and Geithner

Since Tim Geithner did not predict the economic crisis, Nassim Taleb has no interest in listening to him talk about it now. The author of The Black Swan, a book about risk and probability theory, told National Journal’s Matthew Cooper that he did not listen to Geithner, who preceded him at the Washington Ideas Forum. […]

Take HDR Photos in Android

Summary: [[Image:AndroidHDR.jpg|thumb|630px|left|Got an Android phone? Take some HDR snaps. Photo: Michael Calore/Wired]] The latest iOS update (version 4.1) for iPhones comes with a new [http://www.wired.com/gadgetlab/2010/09/hdr-photos-ios/ auto-HDR setting] built into the camera. Just in case Apple’s embrace of HDR is giving you a massive case of of iOS envy, fear not — similar effects can be […]

How to Convert or rip DVD movies to iPod easily

Summary: /* Steps */ ==Introduction== As Steve Jobs announced on 1st Sept that an iPod touch will be Retina display, Led Flash, with this new and cool feature, enjoy movies and video on iPod touch will be an utterly new experience! Well, but iPod only support limited movie and video formats. So you’ll need to […]

Beware of Free DVD Copy Software Which Claims to Remove Encryption Codes

Summary: New page: On the Internet, it is very common to see a lot of advertisements about some free DVD Copy softwares. They are floating around in the websites and boasting to remove encryption codes easil… On the Internet, it is very common to see a lot of advertisements about some free DVD Copy softwares. […]

Take Better Flash Photos

Summary: Diffuser for cell phone cameras [[Image:Diffuser hero.jpg|thumb|630px|left|A flash diffuser made using a 30 cent plastic box. Photo by Nick Wheeler/[http://www.flickr.com/photos/nickwheeleroz/2691956439/ Flickr]/CC.]] You just spent $500 on a fancy digital camera, so why do your pictures of your kids make it seem like they’re playing in the Carlsbad Caverns at night, rather than frolicking in […]

Win Your Fantasy Football League

Summary: [[Image:FantasyJohnMorgan.jpg|thumb|630px|left|Photo by John Morgan/[http://www.flickr.com/photos/aidanmorgan/3035828738/ Flickr]/CC]] If it’s September, it’s football season — which also means it’s time for millions of fantasy-football drafts around the world to commence. Heading into any fantasy draft can be intimidating, but football requires a bit more homework, because players get injured more often than in baseball. But there are […]