Victoria Secret really does help you be more glamorous. Yes, yes, really!

“Can a Victoria’s Secret shopping bag make you feel glamorous?” -Via PhysOrg Certain brands have personalities that can actually change the way some people feel about themselves, according to a new study in the Journal of Consumer Research. “Why are brands such as Cartier, Harley-Davidson, and Nike so well-liked by consumers? One of the reasons […]

Brain Volume Linked to Social Networking

Original source: I find this very hard to believe…oh wait, the science might be so so but  the link with facebook, that’s very questionable. Excerpt (Via Wired) The size of your amygdala might indicate how large and complex your social network is. Amygdala volume has been connected to social network and behavior in past […]

Interview with Richard Bookstaber

Original source: Introduction Via Nancy Miller @ Fortune Richard Bookstaber, veteran Wall Street risk manager and hedge fund manager, made a splash on the eve of the financial meltdown with the publication of Demon of Our Own Design, a book that warned the markets had grown too complex and were headed for a crash. […]

How not to encourage home ownership

Original source: Excerpt (Via Economic Logic) Many governments try to encourage home ownerships by various means. I am not convinced this needs encouraging, as it leads to over-acucmulation of residential capital. Additionally, it is a myth that home ownners are happier and better citizens, as I reported previously. But suppose, for a moment, that […]

Interview: Nocera on the Crisis and All the Devils Are Here

Original source: Introduction & Interview Via Russ Roberts “Joe Nocera, New York Times columnist and co-author with Bethany McLean of All the Devils Are Here, talks with EconTalk host Russ Roberts about the origins of the financial crisis. Drawing on his book, Nocera identifies many people he considers devils for contributing to the crisis […]

Andrew Carnegie: “The Road To Business Success: A Talk To Young Men”

Original source: Fascinating find via the great Joe Koster @ Value Investing World One of my favorite excerpts (via History Tools) The speculator and the business man tread diverging lines. The former depends upon the sudden turn of fortune’s wheel; he is a millionnaire to-day, a bankrupt to-morrow. But the man of business knows […]

Must Read: Group Schadenfreude – How Groups Enjoy Other’s Misery!

Original source: This is pretty interesting stuff, enjoy! Via Emily Anthes Scientists who study schadenfreude are learning that this secret happiness at another person’s loss has biological underpinnings. The feeling registers in the brain as a distinct form of pleasure, a satisfaction comparable to that of eating a good meal. In a study published […]