Exploring the time-saving bias: How drivers misestimate time saved when increasing speed

Original source: SimoleonSense.com Abstract via JDM According to the time-saving bias, drivers underestimate the time saved when increasing from a low speed and overestimate the time saved when increasing from a relatively high speed. Previous research used a specific type of task — drivers were asked to estimate time saved when increasing speed and to […]

Awesome Video! Psychology of Conformity, Groupthink, & Wikileaks

Original source: SimoleonSense.com Introduction (via BrainPickings) Groupthink is one of the most troublesome downfalls of organized society. Today, it manifests itself on a sliding scale of severity, ranging from genocide to bullying to superstition to fashion fads to the “Digg mentality” of news reporting. Still, most of us refuse to believe that our opinions, perception […]

God’s little rabbits: Religious people out-reproduce secular ones by a landslide

Original source: SimoleonSense.com This is very interesting, but you have to read it with the right mindset. Excerpt (via Scientific American) What’s that famous quote, by Edna St. Vincent Millay? Oh, yes: “I love humanity but I hate people.” It’s a sentiment that captures my normal misanthropically tinged type of humanitarianism well, but it roars […]

Business Uses Cialdini Influence Principles To Curb Energy Use

Original source: SimoleonSense.com Introduction (Via HBS) We like to think that our actions are the result of independent conclusions drawn from fact-based information. But behavioral scientists have long shown that we humans are often more influenced by what others are doing than we might like to admit. A new case written by HBS assistant professor […]

Ambiguity aversion and the propensities for self-insurance and self-protection

Original source: SimoleonSense.com And we’re back…This abstract seems like a tongue twister. Abstract (Via Arthur Snow @ Springer) Two models of ambiguity preferences that permit comparative statics analysis of greater ambiguity aversion yield definite predictions concerning propensities for self-insurance and self-protection: The levels of both activities that are optimal for an ambiguity-averse decision maker are […]

Video: MIT World- Humanities in the Digital Age

Original source: SimoleonSense.com I enjoyed Steven Pinker’s bit… Introduction (Via MIT World) Reports of the demise of the humanities are exaggerated, suggest these panelists, but there may be reason to fear its loss of relevance. Three scholars whose work touches a variety of disciplines and with wide knowledge of the worlds of academia and publishing […]

The Line Between Science and Journalism is Getting Blurry…Again

Original source: SimoleonSense.com This is where it gets interesting  (Via Bora Zivkovic @ Science Progress) For the sake of this article, I will use two simplified definitions of science and journalism. Journalism is communication of ‘what’s new’. A journalist is anyone who can say “I’m there, you’re not, let me tell you about it.” Science […]