Got video error 2046 ?! – Here’s a solution & fix!!!

To all you earthlings out there,

got the annoying error 2046 (with ‘stylesheet’ … etc). and can’t play video’s at The Daily Show, Colbert Report, Southpark etc.?!

Well, here’s a simple, quick and clean fix! It’s actually really simple.

  1. make sure you have Flash Player installed, you can do that here.
  2. go to -> there you’ll see the flash player settings (it’s no image but real settings window)
  3. uncheck the box at the bottom (that saves common Flash components to reduce download time)

Error 2046 problem fixed, enjoy your videos!


  1. No … We still have this problem…

    Flash Player version and have already unchecked the option as suggested in the settings. It has been working fine just conked off yesterday night; during this time no updates, no download, no code level changes have been done

    • cleared your browser cache & temporary internet files?! have you also tried different browsers?! If you uninstall every player and update service from adobe, then install the latest one with another browser, and then uncheck the box? If everything else is ceteris paribus (i.e. if you fix the just mentioned stuff) then this default setting from Flash player should be the only problem causing this error…


    I have been having this problem for the last two months and now its fixed.


  3. i cant find the box that you are saying.. and uncheck it

  4. oshane dean says:

    i don’t see the box and this error thing is killing me

  5. Yeah… its a box… but it doesnt show up. what the heck!?! Need2fix!

  6. The panel doesn’t show up on my screen! oh no :(

  7. set your time and date, i had all the simptoms you described and discovered my date was 2006, i updated it and everything works

  8. I have been trying all day to find a fix for this,so my kids can play their games. Thank you soo much for providing such an easy fix.

  9. Im sorry but mine still isnt working. I’ve unticked the box like you suggested but still nothing…should i restart my computer?

    • Yes, but first try another browser. Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer will do. If not, then make sure you have the latest Flash Player version installed. You can do that here. Under the ‘Clients’ you’ll find the flash player. Than if all doesn’t work, restart your comptuer and do the same action again as suggested in the article.

      This really should work! The problem is within the flash player & browser cobination.

  10. WOO MAN! thaaaaanks i lovee yoou

  11. to me if I worked and wonder. because the truth is that I had time I could not solve this problem

  12. I have followed your directions to get rid of error code 2046, but I dont get the image at all. What can be preventing me from viewing the image?

    • Technocrat says:

      1. Your version of the Flash player… Is it correctly installed? Have you restarted your comp?
      2. Operating system… Which one do you use?
      3. Your browser security settings….
      4. Otherwise, i wouldn’t know.

      • correction of date worked! thanks

      • Donald says:

        running vista and i know that vista does no longer supports adobe. videos quit working last week, looked and did not see any update versions to media player or adobe – getting the error 2046. any ideas?

  13. i can’t see the box… how can i solve it ?

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